I’m fueled by laughter, frozen yogurt, and a fantastic coffee cup collection! I am a blogger and designer based in Fort Worth, TX. I’m a wife to Bryan and proud dog-mom to two crazy furry little pups.

I want to make a beautiful life of love. I want to remind us that there is still something out there worth fighting for. It feels like the world has gone crazy and spins so much faster than ever before.


In an effort to live my life more fully, to capture all of the things I love about it … I started this blog. So if you love beautiful things, Jesus, dogs, music, traveling and life, then . . .


My Story


Bryan and Lee Ann

I loved storytelling. Since I had a computer, I was always typing out silly stories and using my creative brain that God gave me. So I went to Baylor University and got my degree in Editorial Journalism (with a minor in Religion of course). When I graduated I was determined to take on the world and write for a christian magazine. But God had higher plans and brought me back to live with my parents.


I've been doodling in church bulletins since I could remember. Something about drawing brings me such joy and peace. I loved art and everything about it. I was even voted “Most Artistic” in high school. But when I graduated, I told myself I couldn’t be a starving artist. There was no way to make a living using my talent. But after the failed attempt at journalism, God spoke to me and told me to go to art school. Thus, I started my career in graphic design. 

When I graduated, I remember seeing designers branching out on their own and running their own design businesses. "I want to do that one day!" I said to myself as I admired them from afar.

Years passed, and I told myself I couldn't run a business on my own. But I found myself dreaming in an office of how I could work for myself, serve others and support my little family. So I took a leap and started my branding business Green House Creative.


In order to start honoring all the gifts that God has given me and to share the gospel of Christ, I now work with Children's Relief International. I shut down my branding business and jumped all in to the path God had for me! I restarted this blog to help people follow my new journey and to share life with people.

About Collage

Most Days You Can
Find Me...

Rocking some yoga pants and walking my dogs, spending time at my DGROUP, cuddling up close to my man watching some Netflix while sipping a glass of wine or decorating my adorable little green house.

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