What to Expect on an Alaskan Cruise Pt. 1 : Seattle

What to Expect on an Alaskan Cruise Pt. 1 : Seattle

Back in August my family took an Alaskan Cruise on The Celebrity Solstice and it was amazing! But before I left, I scoured Pinterest for what to pack, what to expect and researched every city we went to.

We went on the 7-Night Tracy Arm Fjord Cruise down through the Inside Passage of Alaska. Which is the perfect amount of time for traveling, not too long and not too short! 


We started off our cruise in Seattle. Oh, Seattle, how I love thy coffee, your bustling streets and market. We went a day early and stayed at the Olympic Fairmont, we managed to get a really AWESOME deal. Going a day early helps you to relax and explore the port city!  Be prepared for lots of walking and it being more warm than you think.

We started our tour off at the famous Pike's Place, an open air market where locals can come and sell produce. It's also where the original Starbucks still resides. 

The hustle and bustle of it's cobbled streets are a draw for a beautiful blending of people, tourists and locals alike. You are first greeted by the infamous neon sign.


Then you are greeted with shouting of the fish market. It's a spectacle to watch as men toss giant salmon across the counter. Then to your left you have the famous, and disgusting, gum wall. Yup. It's literally just piles of waded up gum. 


We walked around more and eventually stumbled across the yummy Cupcake Royale. Being that it was a rare sunny and warm day in Seattle, we all opted for ice cream. It was crazy delicious! I totally recommend stopping by and grabbing some as you stroll the streets of Seattle. We also came across some beautiful gardens, talka about green! In Texas, we don't get a lot of bright green colors like Washington. After wandering, we decided to make our way over the the Space Needle! 

Coffee ice cream, street photography, hidden gardens, moon men, totem poles and The Space Needle! 

(Note: I'm wearing jeans and totally regretted not wearing shorts. It was pretty warm! Also, wear your walking shoes!)

Be prepared to wait in a really, really long line for the Space Needle. I mean, it is THE thing to do when you go to Seattle. But it really is a great view when you get up there. We even could see Mount Rainier that day!


After a full day we headed back to our hotel to take a power nap and head out for dinner. Based on the recommendation of our driver and hotel, we went to Salty's on Alki Beach.

*Image above from Salty's website.


Overall, Seattle is such a fun and young city. I highly recommend that you arrive a day early for your cruise so you can go explore all the wonderful things that Seattle has for you.