Home Office Breakdown

In my new transition as a full-time freelancer, I knew that our tiny bedroom/makes shift office was not going to cut it. Then we decided to turn our front dining room into an office! It was perfect! It had lots of space, a giant window that let in a lot of light and was hardwood to have rolling chairs. Thus, I began my decorating process.

Queue the theme of Fixer Upper. Ah, Joanna Gaines aka my spirit animal. I scoured her galleries for inspiration for my new office. I wanted something that was farmhouse-like but not too girly. (I would be sharing the space sometimes with my husband). Thus, I settled on a mid-mod/farmhouse feel.

I posted a pic on my Instagram account a while back and got a LOT of questions on where I got all of my stuff, well folks ... here is the breakdown! 


1. Wood Flynn Hairpin Dining Table

I really loved the look of the hairpin legs on a desk. I first found these really awesome desks made by a guy on Etsy in Wylie that we bought, but we sortttt of measured wrong and ended up getting two tiny desks. But if you want to check out his stuff, it's really great! Check it out here! 

I ultimately went with this dining table from World Market. At first, when I saw it in the store it looked WAY too big. But once we put our computer on it, it was perfect! It's super sturdy and really warms up the room.

Grab It Here

2. Dark Bronze Globe Farmhouse Chandelier

I originally wanted one of those metal orb chandeliers, but they cost up to $300. Which is WAY out of our budget. I eventually stumbled onto this fun little lamp online and fell in love. It's light weight, allows lots of light and has some character to it. 

Caution: This was a beast to hang though. There was lots of gnashing of teeth, on Bryan's half, during the installation. But it was totally worth it. 

Buy it Here

3. Silver Desk Lamp

This little guy is so cute! I've always wanted one, it adds a little bit of a classic feel on top of the modern desk. I actually ended up finding this one at Home Goods, but Target also had some similar ones. 

4. Goldwell Gray Area Rug

I knew that I needed to get an area rug to go in the office. But I wanted it to be a statement piece. At first I bought a super cheap rug from RugsUSA, but it was SUPER thin and bland in person. I tried to grin and bear it,but every set sent the rug shifting all over the place (even with a rug mat). So I searched on Wayfair and saw the Goldwell rug. Don't be fooled, even though the title says "gray" it's totally a soft blue. It's very sturdy and dog proof. The only flaw so far is the shedding (because with two dogs, we don't have enough of it around here.)

Take a Look Here

5. Succulents 

I am kind of obsessed with succulents right now. They are really super cute, tiny and such fun shapes. But the only drawback? I kill plants. No seriously, I've had succulents before and overwatered them. One day in Target, I was browsing the dollar spot, because ... it's $1 ... I need to buy all of the things, and I found some super cute fake succulents! 

Similar Ones Here

6. Antique Black Verona Six-Shelf Bookcase

I love books. Seriously, it's kind of a problem. I have a bad habit of buying books, starting them and then never finishing them. So I had to show off my book hoarding collection some way, right!? I loved the sturdy masculine feel of this shelf. Plus the criss-cross sides give a very farmhouse vibe.

Buy It Here

7. Upholstered Office Chair Grey Linen

I knew that I wanted a cloth chair for my office. I love the warm feeling it gives. But I knew I didn't want to spend a bajillion dollars on it. After some research, I found these cute modern chairs at Target (on sale!) AND they had wheels. So great for rolling around in the office!

Grab it Here

Here it is all put together with some shots of little details that make it mine. Also, of course my little fur children had to photo bomb the pictures. :)