Living Proof Product Review

I've followed beauty bloggers for years. I've seen how their hair is pretty much always perfect and they claim that they found the Holy Grail of hair products, Living Proof.

I admit, the allure of Jenifer Aniston's perfect hair on the advertising worked. Not to mention I have seen this brand advertised SO much by bloggers. So I caved and bought the sample sizes at Ulta one day to give them a try.

I am pretty much in love with their branding, packaging, advertising ... all of the above! It had me hooked on the elegant type and neutral colors. It was subtle feminity at it's finest. So needless to say, I was SUPER stoked to wash my hair when I got home. 

The shampoo and conditioner smell AWESOME. But I knew something was off right away when my hair began to feel funky after putting the products in. I assumed it was because I was not used to my hair being washed "right". So I pressed on!


I went about my usual hair straightening routine but used the styling treatment product. As I dried my hair, it just got worse. By the time I was done fixing my hair, it felt like I hadn't washed my hair in about 4 days. It wasn't greasy per se, but it had that heavy feeling. 

I ended up washing my hair the very next day to get rid of the product. 

Next time I attempted to use their curling products because curly girls are always out looking for good curling products! (Where my curly girls at?!)

I went through my usual routine, shampooed and conditioned with my normal shampoo. I used their mousse and curl enhancing cream ... and it was worse. I looked like a drowned rat with stringy hair. 

After about a week of alternating straight hair and curly hair looks ... hoping maybe the product would eventually work ... it didn't. 

Maybe it was just my hair, or I got a bad batch? But needless to say, I will NOT be buying Living Proof again.

Womp. Womp.