A Curly Girl's Best Friend : L'Oreal Product Review

I've had curly hair since I was little, but have straightened my hair for YEARS. I didn't embrace what the Lord gave me until I was in high school and started using Aussie mousse and a diffuser for my curls. I've literally been using nothing but Aussie for years. I have tried several other types of products, expensive and cheap, and still came back to Aussie until ...  I met the sulfate-free system by L'Oreal.

I stumbled upon the brand one day at Target and gave in and bought their "curl care system". I used both shampoo, conditioner, leave-in-conditioner and the cream gel (It looks like this)

So why buy sulfate-free shampoo? Sulfates not only strip the beautiful color you paid for at your stylist, it also can dry out your hair. One of the most popular brands among hair snobs is Pureology (which pretty much makes my hair feel like a soft curly cloud) but this girl ain't got the moolah for $44 a month on hair products.

Enter, EverCurl! I get the benefit of both no sulfates, more money and my curls are not crunchy! Using the curls system made my curls look WAY more natural and less crunchy. Not to mention the products smell pretty awesome too!   

L'Oreal also has more in their "Ever" series that I've used. I LOVE their EverPure system too! It made my hair feel super clean and the rosemary smell was magical!