Freebie : Menu Planner

Meal planning, I have such a love-hate relationship with it. I LOVE organization and planning, but there are times I get a little stressed out trying to think of meals for the week. I've tried other meal planners, but sometimes they get confusing and I want to see ALL my meals for the week on one page. 

So I put my design skills to use and created a planner for myself that I use in conjunction with the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan (I've lost almost 10 lbs so far, I don't feel deprived and my husband LOVES the food!). But you don't have to be on the plan in order to use this sheet! It's simple and to the point! 

My goal is it have small snacks in the morning and afternoon and SOMETIMES a dessert in the evening (even though I put it on the planner for every day). I know if I don't write them down, then I tend to skip them and I get HANGRY (hang•gree) adj. = When you are so hungry that your lack of food causes you to become angry, frustrated or both.