My April Top 5
April Top 5

I wanted to do a little fun list of some of my favorite things for spring! Also, as a note to all future posts I make about buying things, I try to keep things cheap! It's kinda crazy when bloggers share items that cost a bazillion dollars. I like to offer you guys things that the average person could buy. :)

01. Not Your Mother's Blow Dry Accelerator

I have naturally curly and crazy thick hair. When I blow dry it straight it's basically a workout and takes me almost 30 min - 45 min (Ain't nobody got time for that). I stumbled across this gem in my Ipsy bag (I'll explain what that is in a second!). It cut down my drying time to at least 15 minutes. It's uh-mazing. But note, it does not work when I try and wear my natural curls, I need lots of moisture for that.

Buy it Here

02. Floral, Floral, Floral 

So I am kind of obsessed with floral patterns right now. Not just any floral, I am super picky about the colors in them. I found some really cute kimonos the other day and they are so super easy to wear! Just throw on a cute v-neck and the kimono and it makes it look like you tried!

Find One Here

03. Poolside Service, Essie

Y'all, I don't freak out about nail polish ... ever. But the other day I was in Target and walked by the beauty section and saw this shade and fell in love! It's so unique and different! 

Grab That Bottle Here

04. Hats Off To Ya!

I was on the hunt for a hat that didn't make me look like the Wicked Witch of the West. Finally, I found some at Target, yay! Hats are so great for adding that element of style AND covering up bad hair days! Don't be afraid to rock those things!

Here is a Similar One Here 

05. Ipsy

I used to spend an embarrassing amount of money on experimenting with different makeup brands at Ulta. I would always find duds and waste money until I found Ipsy! For only $10 a month you get a (customized) selection of cute little samples in a cute little makeup bag of some really awesome brands! This is actually where I learned about the first product and have found a lot of other products that I really liked along the way! *Note* I sadly had to unsubscribe to the service because of a tight budget, but if you can spare $10. DO IT! It's so fun!

Learn More About Ipsy Here

What have been your fun little products and styles that you have been into lately?