Beach Bag Essentials

The salty air and white sand between my toes. There is no remedy for stress quite like the beach! But one thing that does sometimes bring me stress is packing. I always make checklist after checklist before going off on a trip. But sometimes you just forget things ... So here is my visual list for what to bring for a day at the beach for this months Jump into June series!  


1. Canvas Tote

You might be like ... duh Lee Ann ... of course you need a beach bag for the beach bag essentials. But I can't count how many times I forgot to back an extra bag in my suitcase for my trip. I actually ended up getting mine at Walmart ($4). It was a super cute black and white polka dot shopping back! But I also found this cute one from Old Navy

2. Sunglasses

Did you know that your eyes can get sunburned too?! Ya ... me neither until it happened to me! So don't forget your sunnies! I love the look of classic aviators, these from Target have a fun rose gold tint to them! 

3. Hat

Sometimes trying to pack a giant floppy hat gets a little out of control, so I am happy about the new baseball cap trend going on right now! I got this one from Target on sale for like $5! 

4. Beach Towel

How cute is this towel from Target?! No more silly primary colors, this black and white statement pattern will make you look chic on the beach! 

5.Water Bottle

I am THE worst at staying hydrated. It never fails, the first day out on the beach I soak up a tad bit too much sun and get dehydrated. Then I spend the evening feeling sick and uber tired. This time I plan on packing my water bottle to stay cool while enjoying the sun. I found these cute Swell bottles at Target, of course I picked the whale pattern one. Swell bottles keep your water super cold for a very long time! No more lukewarm water. Bleh!

6. Chapstick with SPF

The sun can do some damage to your lips. I also get really bad fever blisters if I spend too long outside. (Ew, just being real y'all!) So don't forget to protect your kisser! 

6. Sunscreen


There was a time in my life that I used to slather on baby oil to try and make the most out of my beach trip. But that is pretty much FRYING your skin and nobody wants old-lady skin damage. 

8. Books

The beach is where I get MOST of my reading done. I love curling up on a nice fuzzy towel with a good book. This summer I plan on reading Wild & Free, I have heard a lot of good things about it! 

9. Mosquito Bracelets

I think my blood is the equivalent of a nice Malbec to mosquitos. They come from miles just to get a bite of this sweet meat. I did some research and can across these cute bracelets that have citronella and other essential oils in it.But because I am going to Mexico for my trip, and Zika being a legit concern, I plan on bringing some spray with Deet in it. 

10. BluTooth Speaker

I love music. That is sort of an understatement. I have pretty much a soundtrack for every thing on Spotify. I have a few Beach playlists to jam out to some Bob Marley out by the waves!

11.Cover up

I could resist putting this cute dress/cover up. I love the cute back and the fun tropical pattern with hints of blue! 

What's in YOUR Beach Bag? Anything you can't live without at the beach?