Bob Ross and God

Bob Ross and God
Bob Ross and God

I held the remote in my hand and scrolled through the new releases on Netflix. It was a lazy Saturday afternoon and I had just woke up from a nap. I shuffled through the mediocre list of movies until I saw the image of a man with a giant afro standing at a canvas.

“Oh snap babe! It’s Bob Ross!!” I said to Bryan. I thought, how in the world could you make an entire show about painting?! We both chuckled, “Let’s watch it!” he said.

I watched as Bob Ross appeared goofily on the screen. Suddenly, I found my eyes glued to the television with my mouth gaping open. He was good, actually amazing! He made everything look so easy and you could tell from his giant grin, he LOVED painting.

He started off with a blank canvas and would intentionally add bits of color here and there. He would take a painter’s knife and scrape some colors in areas claiming to create mountains.

“Nah, those look NOTHING like mountains!” I said watching as he started adding tints of purple. But with one stroke of the painter’s knife with some white … POOF! Instant snow capped mountains! He made painting look effortless and beautiful.

What was also so intriguing about watching him paint was his commentary on his paintings. He would jokingly name trees and say inspirational quotes like,

We don't make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.”

“You need the dark in order to show the light.”

I laughed as he would mix together different colors and get excited when he found just the right shade and exclaim, “Oh Yeah! That’s good right there!” He would even say “Let’s get crazy right here!” as he added waves crashing over rocks to a seascape.

As I watched, it suddenly hit me … maybe watching Bob Ross paint was similar to what it must have been like to see God work during creation.

Can you image God at the beginning of creation, a dark velvety blank

slate of the universe before him?

He carved out the mountains and placed “happy little trees” along streams. Maybe as He created the giraffe, He said “Let’s get crazy right here!” and decided to give it a long neck. As He mixed together the colors that sunsets and sunrises would make, He might have exclaimed “Oh yeah! Now that is good right there!” But what is more amazing about God is that He doesn’t make “happy little mistakes” like Bob. Everything He made was intentionally designed.

God was the one who created those beautiful amber rays that shine at golden hour. He created the sweet smell of puppy’s breath (to me it’s sweet at least!) He created how good a glass of Malbec would taste with a medium rare steak. He made the soft wool of a baby lamb. He fashioned the intense strength of a lion’s jaw. Everything seen, and unseen … He created it ALL!

He made nothing into something. God spoke all of creation into existence. However, both man and woman were crafted by His very hands (Gen. 2:7, 22) nothing else was formed by His hands … only WE were. We have the breath of God. We have the Imago Dei. Ah, what a beautiful picture of God’s love for us. He made us different than the rest of creation!

So maybe the next time you see a beautiful sunrise or eat a really super amazing meal with great friends … remember that God was the one that created it. A loving, creative and intimate God created you to worship and cherish Him. So rather than just thinking of how great something is, audibly thank your Loving Creator for being such an amazing artist!