8 Easy Health Tips

8 Easy Health Tips
8 Easy Health Tips

8 Easy Health Tips


I am by no means a health guru, but the past year I’ve been way healthier than I have been my entire life. Taking care of your body helps you to function day-to-day. Here are some little tips that I have learned over the past year to help improve your health little-by-little! 

Drink Water

Did you know that we are made up of 60% of water? Water is so good and life-giving! But it’s so hard to keep up with drinking it! I try to drink half my body weight a day, so around 80 oz. I have a 32 oz Nalgene water bottle and tote it around with me everywhere and I mean everywhere. I find that if I have it with me, I tend to sip on it more. I also find that if I take a sip every time I look at the water bottle, I whittle it away.

Bored of the taste? Try throwing in some cut strawberries and fruit to add a little taste to it. Be careful when you buy the little squirtable flavors because those tend to have a LOT of sugar! 

Move It for 30 Mins

Doing just a little bit of exercise is better than doing NO exercise. Even if that is just simply walking around the neighborhood! If you are anything like me, when I start off doing a workout routine, I hit the ground running. I tend to over do it and hurt myself the first time. I’ve learned to dial it back a little until I get a good routine going.

If you don’t have a gym membership or equipment, there are tons of body-weight exercises out there on Pinterest! Not to mention billions of videos on YouTube! Try yoga! Try Pilates! Try anything! Just move your body!

Less Sugar

Sugar is in freaking everything! I recently started doing the “Trim Healthy Mama” lifestyle, which does no sugar (stevia as a replacement) and low carbs. It’s helped my health in an amazing way! The first couple of days without sugar really are rough, but once your body goes without it for a while you feel less bloated. I also found that my joints ached less. Try to get creative with recipes and find sugar replacements like stevia! 

Don’t Combine Fats / Carbs

This was one of the main things that the THM lifestyle focuses on. When we eat these two different body fuel sources together, ultimately one will be used as a fuel while the other gets safely stored away as fat. So when you eat a meal of primarily fat (protein and veggies) , your body can burn it off way easier than if it was coupled with a carb. 


The National Sleep Foundation recommends that you get (7.5 to 9 hours of sleep). This is one that I still manage to struggle with. But I find that having a nightly routine helps get your body and mind ready for bed. Another factor that works against us is staring at a screen right before bed. The blue hue of your phone can set your circadian rhythm off. So phones off at least 30 minutes before bed! 

Get Outside

The last time I got a physical, the doctor told me I had a Vitamin D deficiency. This was partly because I worked in a dark office with no windows. Even still, a majority of people today spend hardly any time outside. But being outside helps you get fresh air, vitamin D and helps relieve stress. So go take a walk!

Splurge in Moderation

No one is perfect. We all want to have that late-night craving for a Dairy Queen blizzard on a Friday. Don’t beat yourself up over one holiday meal. Think of health as a marathon, not a sprint! But you have to pick yourself back up! Don’t let one cheat meal turn into a week and then into months!

Try having half of your cheat too! This helped when I worked in an office setting! When it was someone’s birthday, I would allow myself HALF a piece of cake, rather than standing in a corner weeping as others stuffed their faces with chocolate cake. 


Try To Have SMALL Snacks Every Three Hours. This Helps Keep Your Metabolism Up And Running! Try Having A Handful Of Almonds, An Apple, Some Berries … Packing Tiny Little Snacks Helps Hold You Over Until The Next Meal So You Aren’t RAVENOUS And Want To Sit Down And Destroy A Cheeseburger! One Of My Favorite Snacks Is A Wasa Cracker With Light Laughing Cow Cheese. Yum!