Join Me
in sharing the light of
Christ to the poor


It all started when…

I got a message from my previous Creative Director, Keith, from the church I worked at a few years ago. "For some reason you keep constantly popping in my head when I keep trying to think of this position," it read. At first, I shrugged it off. My branding business, Green House Creative was beginning to pick up and I had gotten into a rhythm of things. But for some reason I had a tugging on my heart that I couldn't shake. 

I agreed to have a cup of coffee with him and another creative team member and I learned about all the amazing things that they do to help raise awareness for the great physical and spiritual needs across the world.

They even told me a story about how they teamed together and managed to help save a program that helps bring milk to malnourished babies! 

I just kept feeling a tug at my heart to move forward into the position and abandon the "American Dream" of sucess. So I shut down my business and took the leap into joining Children's Relief International!